• THE MUSHROOM - Issue 04

    Featuring – A serendipitous story of white button mushrooms’ benefit in a case of gluten intolerance – Professor Lynne Boddy on the beauty of decay - Julie Beeler on the beauty of mushroom dyes – William Padilla-Brown shares his experience of and passion for the transformative power of mushrooms - Zhang Yi shares the back-story to Tremella fuciformis cultivation – Morgan Owen on the proliferation of mushrooms in a post-industrial landscape - Joseph Pallante on the phenomenon of luminous mushrooms – Pascal Baudar with a recipe for lacto-fermented mushroom scallops - and our regular Research Round-Up. BUY IT NOW

The Mushroom

Created by a team passionate about all things mycological, The Mushroom is a beautiful, critical and informative print space for mushroom enthusiasts and all those working with mushrooms to connect, share and be inspired.
Bringing together essays, interviews, clinical reports, photography, illustration, research round-ups and more, each issue is designed to be a unique object and a valuable addition to any mycophile’s library. 
The Mushroom is published by Mycology Press as a not-for-profit undertaking with all profits donated to charities, especially those using mushrooms to uplift, empower and address some of the challenges we face at this time.

  • Beautiful DesignPrint is Not Dead! We love the feel and look of a great quality object, and we wanted to make something as aesthetically appealing as it is illuminating. Our design and printing process highlights the beauty of the fungal world, and of the ideas that weave in and out of the great intercommunal mycorrhizal network of mushroom lovers.

  • Curated ResearchOur editorial team come from a variety of backgrounds and carefully appraise subjects, research, and collaborators with integrity, to help our readers discover new corners of the mushroom world. We prioritise clear communication and scientific evidence over speculation and jargon, and we want to ensure that we cover all subjects fairly and with an open mind.

  • Connecting
  • Sharing
  • Nourishing

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